Our belief in making great architecture guides our practice. We see opportunities in unlikely places and approach both design and development rigorously. We are relentless in the pursuit of making work in the built environment that has enduring and recognizable value.

With over $1.6B in projects completed or in development since 2006 we have established ourselves within the industry as thought leaders for our comprehensive approach to development. Integral to our approach is the celebration and support of the communities in which we work through direct engagement and collaboration. And while we are proud of the rewards our projects yield, we are equally if not more motivated by the values our work reflects.

Senior Leadership
Katherine McConvey
Chairman, Founder

Katherine is a co-founder of Alloy. Katherine provides Alloy with the financial strength and experience to execute transactions of any scale.

Jared Della Valle
CEO, Founder

Jared is a co-founder of Alloy. Jared provides day-to-day direction, leadership and vision for Alloy.

AJ Pires

AJ manages the acquisition, capitalization, design, construction and disposition for all projects.

David McCarty
Vice President

David directs acquisitions, entitlements, project financing, and development of Alloy’s projects.

Ben Meade
Director of Design

Ben is involved in all stages of design with an emphasis on concept development and brand management.

Tara Mrowka, AIA
Director of Sales & Marketing

Tara directs Alloy's marketing and sales efforts and manages various stages of the design and development process.

Jeff Sullivan, AIA
Director of Architecture

Jeff directs the architecture studio at Alloy where he oversees design execution and construction administration. Jeff is currently working on the design of a large, mixed used project in Downtown Brooklyn.

Andy Burne
Director of Construction

Andy directs the construction of Alloy projects where he oversees on-site execution and construction administration. Andy is currently working on a mixed used project in Downtown Brooklyn.


The purpose of our business has always been guided by professionals who want to positively contribute to the built environment. Architecture has been the gateway for most of the office but we are an interdisciplinary partnership of diverse professionals including designers, analysts, brokers and builders. We actively engage our peers and challenge our practice by teaching and lecturing. We pursue our own work in a fun and granular practice where the definition of value unique to each project is the ultimate aspiration.

Get in touch.
(718) 222-8155

To be considered for any openings please send your resume to work@alloyllc.com. Due to the high volume of interest we cannot respond to every inquiry.

As part of our mission we're open to engage in exciting projects which offer rewarding opportunities for collaboration. To present one of these opportunities please contact, collaborate@alloyllc.com.


Jen Grosso, AIA

Senior Project Manager

Jen is a Senior Project Manager at Alloy. Jen leads the design and architecture team for a large, mixed use project in Downtown Brooklyn.

Jennifer Steacy AIA, LEED AP

Project Manager

Jennifer is a Project Manager at Alloy. She is currently managing 168 Plymouth Street.

Evan Wiskup, AIA

Project Manager

Evan is a Project Manager at Alloy. He is currently managing 168 Plymouth Street.

Brittany Hodges, AIA

Project Architect

Brittany is involved in the conceptual design phase as well as the architectural execution of Alloy's projects.

Sungwoo Choi

Design Associate

Sungwoo is involved in the conceptual design phase as well as the architectural execution of Alloy's projects.

Katrina Yin

Design Associate

Katrina is involved in the design phase as well as the architectural execution of Alloy's projects.

Daniel Bernal

Design Associate

Daniel is involved in the design phase as well as the sales process of all Alloy projects.

Jamali Worrell

Administrative Assistant

Jamali supports Alloy's principals, administration and office culture.

Elise Wan


Elise is responsible for Alloy's internal bookkeeping and accounting.